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We offer a wide range of wedding videos from simple 3 minute music videos to cinematic 12 minute Signature films. Below you’ll find samples of our Sweetheart Music Video, Classic Highlight, Signature Films, Long Videos, and Raw Footage. To see additional films you can visit our YouTube channel.

  • Short Videos
    • Sweetheart Music Videos (3 minutes)
    • Classic Highlights (3 or 5 minutes)
    • Signature Films (6 or 12 minutes)
  • Long Videos
    • Full Ceremony
    • Full Reception
  • Raw Footage

Sweetheart Music Videos

Our 3 minute “Music Video” is footage of your wedding set only to music, no audio from your vows or toasts is included.

Sample of a 3 minute Music Video

Sample of a 3 minute Music Video

Classic Highlights

Our 3 & 5 minute “Highlight” is the classic wedding video including music and audio from your vows and reception toasts. This is our most popular option.

Sample of a 3 minute Highlight

Sample of a 5 minute Highlight

Signature Films

Our “Signature Films” are what we truly specialize in—a fully custom movie of your wedding that not only includes audio from your vows and reception toasts, but also works in voiceovers and other custom storytelling elements to craft a unique film that evokes all the emotions of your wedding day.

Sample of a Signature 6 Minute Film

Sample of a Signature 12 Minute Film

Long Videos

Our “Long Videos” are traditional full-length multiple-camera videos of your ceremony and various reception events.

Sample of a Ceremony Video

Sample of a Reception Video

Raw Footage

Raw Footage is literally a compilation of all the video footage straight from our cameras to your computer. It is completely unedited with no color correction or audio mixing, but includes everything we captured on your wedding day.

Sample 1 of Raw Footage 

Sample 2 of Raw Footage